• Donavan Pillai

Illiotibial Band Syndrome

Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITB) is an inflammatory overuse injury of the distal portion of the iliotibial tendon as it rubs against the lateral femoral condyle. Pain is generally felt on the lateral aspect (outside) of the knee with activity.

Causes of ITB:

  • Overuse viz. increase in frequency and duration

  • Biomechanical deficiencies (e.g. overpronation)

  • Incorrect shoes

  • Tight iliotibial band

  • Running on a cambered road

  • Incorrect seat height when cycling

  • Etc


  • Treat with ICE


  • Physiotherapeutic modalities

  • Address the cause

  • Decrease or stop running

  • Cross train and stretch

  • Assess shoes bike set-up etc

  • Assess biomechanics

  • Rehab incl: stretching, pelvic stability, gluteal strength

  • Maintenance

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